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Tickets for August 24th: $30
Tickets for August 25th: $30
Full Weekend Pass: $50

1601 Johnston Street
Granville Island, Vancouver BC

Artist Info


Majeure is an American space rock and kraut rock outlet for the Pittsburgh based musician Anthony E. Paterra. Drummer for the faux Italian horror prog band, Zombi, He has released four studio albums, two collaborations, an EP and a remix EP. As Majeure, Paterra has performed live internationally. (Wikipedia) Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Bandcamp


Nadja is a Canadian duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Nadja started as a solo project of Aidan back in 2003 and later on 2005, Leah joined on board, making the band more active and performing. A new release will be available, come fall 2018. Bandcamp

The Nausea

Anju Singh has been the primary figure behind the Vancouver Noise Festival for the past seven years, she is the drummer and vocalist in long-running (and now nearing fully-realized) death metal band AHNA, and has held countless other roles in the punk, metal, and harsh noise scenes in Vancouver. Her solo project The Nausea has existed alongside all of this for the better part of a decade now. Her debut “Requiem Aeternam” was released on the Absurd Exposition label. Bandcamp


Wolf Eyes is an American experimental music group from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1996 by Nate Young. Currently a duo, Wolf Eyes are a prominent act within contemporary noise music, known for their prolific work. The duo of John Olson and Nate Young are currently working on Wolf Eyes Music 2018 Residency Series in effort to establish long-term collaborations with film, dance, performance artists, and unique musicians from around the globe. The group host the annual Trip Metal Festival on Memorial Day weekend in Detroit, and it is always FREE!



Shitlord Fuckerman

G. Goletski is Shitlord Fuckerman; a multi-media doer and recent Emily Carr university graduate currently living in Vancouver, B.C. they make animation, cartoons, and music. Bandcamp


Devours is the sound of a queer punk channeling his love for Slipknot and Britney Spears into experimental electro pop music.


V.Vecker is an American/Canadian composer, musician and writer based in Vancouver, BC. Playing solo or with the larger ensemble, the works weave many different styles together to produce unique aural experiences. Bandcamp